How to register your guests ID with guardia civil

How to present guest information with the police in Andalucia

After months of uncertainty with little information about how to present guest information for your registered holiday home in Andalucía, there is now clearer information on how to proceed.

Guest documentation must be sent to the Comisaría Local de la Policía Nacional within 24 hours of their arrival. Before you start to present guest data, you will need to visit the local station to inform them of the channel you intend to use to present the information.

It depends on where your holiday home is located, as to what channel the police will accept your documentation. We have been told that in some towns in Andalucía, aside from presenting in person, you can also fax or email the information. However, we checked with the Comisaría local in Marbella and they tell us they only accept documentation in person or via their online system.

You must be registered in the system to present online. The representative we spoke to said that you can register your details online and name a representative i.e. your agent or manager, who will then be able to present the documentation in your name.

If there is no Comisaría local in your town or village, check if you can present with the Guardía Civil.

The official form must be completed and signed by all guests aged 16+. If you are not on hand to take this information on guest arrival, I recommend that you ask for the details in advance.

You will need to include the following guest information:

  • Foreign guests can supply: Passport, EU identification document or residencia (foreign residents in Spain)
  • Spanish guests can supply: DNI number or drivers licence
  • Date of issue of ID document
  • Full name
  • Date and place of birth
  • Sex – male/female
  • Your holiday home details – address and registration number
  • Date of arrival

The official form to register guest information can be found on this link.

You can read further information on the presentation of guest documentation in Andalucía here.

To use the online Guest ID system, you’ll need to register your details. Everything is in Castellano and please note that you will be advised by your web browser that the website is unsafe. You can continue to the site without a problem. All Spanish government sites give this message to visitors.

You must keep all guest information and documents for a period of three years. They should be kept in date order.

Again, we recommend you visit your local station to confirm the procedure, as it will differ from town to town.