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Owning a villa rental, bed and breakfast or boutique hotel is a dream for many of us. Here in Andalucía, Spain, the opportunities are endless.

See past the mass tourism market of the Costa del Sol and there is land full of beauty, culture, gastronomic experiences, and adventure.

Andalucia is a destination for the thinking traveller. Guests who are looking for an experience or an adventure.

Who want to stay in a whitewashed village, where they can enjoy tapas and a caña (small beer) in the local bar, immersing themselves in local life.

Who want to head out into the spectacular countryside: to hike the Caminito del Rey, follow a river route to a hidden waterfall and natural pool, or discover magical oak forests and natural parks.

If this is the type of guest that you want to attract, then we can help you find the location and property they want to discover and stay in. Our team can turn your ambition into a reality.

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How Rental Tonic can help you purchase a holiday rental or accommodation investment in Andalucía

Rental Tonic works with owners across the globe to kickstart their marketing away from the listing portal giants. But we are based in Andalucia. And here on the ground we have travelled to every corner of the region scouting out superb properties, acting as the buyer’s agent.

We understand both the legalities of purchasing property in Spain and the legalities of starting a small accommodation business.

We can tell you the pros and cons of every location, the niche guest that stays there, and what you should be paying for property in the area. 

We work with owners direct and agents through Andalucía to secure the best property at the right price for our clients.

We can even help you renovate a doer upper and change it into a stylish boutique bed and breakfast.

Of course along the way we’ll work together to develop the strategy for launching and marketing your accommodation business. So that you can go seamlessly from Zero to Booked. And we’ll organise everything in between!

For more information on our Property Finder services, view our dedicated website Malaga Property Finder.

How to register your rental investment or accommodation business in Andalucía

Our team has been helping villa rental and accommodation owners register their properties and obtain the right documentation since 2016 when the villa rental decree was released.

From the start of the purchase project we will identify properties that will sail through the registration process, and highlight those that may have problems. Whether they are missing a Licence of First Occupation, don’t have the correct equipment, or are illegally built.

Once you have purchased your accommodation investment in Andalucía we will be on hand to help you register it with the Junta de Andalucía.

For more information read our article on registering your rental investment in Andalucía and also how to register guest details with the police.

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