A Proven Checklist to get A 5-Star Airbnb Guest Reviews

A Proven Checklist to get A 5-Star Airbnb Guest Review

Guest Post: There are around 4 million listings on Airbnb – great news if you’re looking for a place to stay. But if you’re a host, then you’re going to have to give some serious thought as to how you will make your pad stand out from the crowd.

How Does the Airbnb Review System Work?

Reviews provide valuable information, both host and guest have 14 days to leave an appraisal. You then have 14 days to respond to say thank you for positive comments or to offer a reply to any negative ones! Be sure you check out the Airbnb content policy prior to posting a review, just to make sure you are sticking to the rules!

Why Is It Important to Get a Positive Review?

Lots of positive guest reviews will lead to a higher SEO ranking, which means more exposure and more bookings. If you’re bookings result in great reviews then you could earn you the impressive accolade of Airbnb Superhost.

How Do I Get More Rave Reviews?

Just getting reviews can be tricky, as not all guests bother to leave one. Try to counter that by always following up – leave a review for every guest. This starts the ball rolling and will hopefully prompt your guest to leave feedback for you in return.

Types of Guest Reviews

Both guest and host can leave personal and public feedback for one another. As the name suggests public feedback refers to a review that can be seen by anyone visiting the Airbnb website (the general public), and private feedback can only be seen by the guest/host.

Hosts should keep in mind that guests are also able to give star ratings based upon their stay. This relates to ease of check-in, value for money, accuracy of the description, location of a property, how clean it was, and their experience on the whole.

As a host, you should also give careful consideration before canceling a booking. If you cancel on or after your guest checks in then be prepared for a public feedback on your listing page and profile. If you cancel a reservation that you have already accepted, you will receive automated feedback on your profile. You do get the chance to explain yourself, but make it good – potential guests don’t like hosts that make a habit of canceling!

Proven Checklist to Get a Positive Review

Guests have certain expectations – the five-star guest review gives you some indication as to what matters most. Disappointed guests may neglect to leave a review or offer negative feedback. As a rule of thumb a host should always:

  • Provide Excellent Communication – respond to queries promptly and accurately, always keep your guests informed.
  • Ensure Check-In Is Smooth – Will you be there to greet your guests or do they need a code to access a key locker? Make sure they know what’s happening!
  • Give an Accurate Description – Does your property match the photographs and description on your listing? Underplay your place rather than over exaggerate.
  • Present Clean Accommodation – Guests like to feel the property they are renting is super fresh and clean.
  • Supply Details on Location – You can’t move your pad closer to the beach or away from a busy road. Be honest about its location! Make sure your guests know about local attractions too, closest shop, pub, park etc.
  • Avoid Cancellations – If you do have to cancel then make sure you offer an apology and try to help your guest to find an alternative place to stay.
  • Offer Value for Money – Adding a few extra touches can make the experience even better for guests. A bottle of wine and a box of chocolates can go along way!

Time to Be Proactive

If you want to bag yourself more five-star reviews then you need to be proactive. Avoid negative feedback by ensuring you offer a great overall experience. Encourage guests to leave positive accolades by writing a personal review for them, and mention how you would love to welcome them back at any time. Your chirpiness should hopefully be infectious and your guest will leave a positive review in return!

Thanks to Julia Shutkevych from AirGMS Technologies for her tips and checklist on how to get your 5-Star Airbnb guest reviews.

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