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Andalucia holiday rentals

If you own a holiday home in Andalucía that you rent out to holidaymakers, you must register the property on the Registro de Turismo de Andalucía from the 11th May 2016. Applying for your holiday rental licence in Andalucia is now mandatory if you wish to continue offering short-term rentals.

All holiday rentals, Airbnb lets and bed and breakfast style properties must register. The new law has been operative since 11th May 2016.

Registration is free and easy, however, if you are unable to register for any reason, Rental Tonic can help:

  • Assistance for owners who are not living in Spain
  • Unable to get to your provincial tourism department
  • Need help understanding the application form and documents

The help you need to comply with the new guidelines

Working in conjunction with LCP Spain we can take you through the complete application and registration process, simply and without fuss. Including the obtainment of your Licence of First Occupation or Cédula de Habitabilidad. Once you have registered your holiday rental in Andalucía it will be subject to an inspection, which LCP Spain can attend for you. They can also handle the presentation of guest data to the police.

You can read all about the registration process and property criteria in our Complete Guide to Registering Your Holiday Rental in Andalucía.

Registration Fee: 295 € + IVA (356.95 €)

If you need a hand with registering your property, get in touch with us today:

Use the form to request our registration service. The fee includes guidance through the process and the expertise of an Andalucia-based company who will make the application on your behalf.

Get in touch today to get started.

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Louise is the perfect person to partner with… She is super professional always sticking to deadlines, she has a great sense of humour and she is a joy to work with. I would and will continue to work with Louise for future needs

Paola GhelisCasita Sitges

I have been very pleased and grateful for your visit and Marketing Strategy Report – I think that it is excellent and really comprehensive, helpful and full of very good ideas.

Rebecca Carrie, North Yorkshire

I was pretty new to the holiday rental market and the support and guidance Louise gave me was both useful and inspirational. She has a really practical knowledge of this market combined with a natural curiosity that helps her to push you to try new things to get the most from your property. I will be taking her masterclass in using Social Media as this is, without doubt, the key to future success in this business…

Suzanne MillardChalet Sulegg

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