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Complete Holiday Home Marketing & Styling Makeover


Through our ‘Complete Holiday Makeover’ course you’ll learn how to use smart techniques to package up, promote and sell outstanding holidays. We’ll work together to develop a step-by-step business plan that will take you from zero to profitable business. One that you love and that gives you the freedom to enjoy life. If you are just getting started in the holiday rental business, or you’ve been running a holiday home for a while, but need to give profit and bookings a serious boost, this is the course for you.

This is an eight session course in which you should allocate between 90 minutes to two hours for each session, depending on the subject.

Price: £999 / 1200 €

  • See your holiday rental through a fresh pair of eyes
  • Declutter your property so you are ready to begin afresh with a clear deck
  • Photography and staging that gives your holiday the ‘WOW’ factor!
  • Learn how to focus on your ideal client to deliver ‘amazing’ holidays
  • Let go of negative thinking about pricing and earn the income you deserve
  • Make competition irrelevant by identifying and believing in your USP
  • Learn how to market your holiday so that your guests will keep coming back for more!

What our clients think…

I was pretty new to the holiday rental market and the support and guidance Louise gave me was both useful and inspirational. She has a really practical knowledge of this market combined with a natural curiosity that helps her to push you to try new things to get the most from your property. I will be taking her masterclass in using Social Media as this is, without doubt, the key to future success in this business and I would recommend that anyone who wants to get the most from their holiday property should look at improving their skills in this area! Last thing I want to mention is that she is fun to work with and really cares about what you are trying to achieve!!!

Suzanne MillardChalet Sulegg

We needed to rent out our property for short term holiday rentals, and not knowing where to start we contacted Lindsay at Rental Tonic. Lindsay visited our property and provided us with a comprehensive written report full of ideas and positive suggestions. We followed her advice to the letter,  and along with her copywriting and professionally taken photographs, we marketed our property online with the two targeted websites we had selected. The bookings from last year are quite astounding. I would highly recommend using Lindsay before one starts to market a rental property.

Steve SparrowHoliday in Estepona

Sessions 1 and 2: Detox & Focus

  • Sessions 1 & 2
  • Discover your Unique Proposition
  • Know your ideal guest
  • Create your brand & value proposition
  • Leave the competition behind : Niche markets
  • Focus on money : Establishing rates & running expenses
  • Clear & declutter your holiday home

With this module you will see your holiday rental business through a fresh pair of eyes. We will show you how focusing on an ‘ideal client’ and ‘niche market‘ will help you deliver amazing holidays, why you should let go of negative thinking about pricing, and how to make the competition irrelevant by identifying and believing in your USP.

We will help you to get absolute clarity on the income you can expect to achieve with your rental, and finally, we will share some practical tips on ‘decluttering’ your property so you are ready to begin afresh with a clear deck.

Sessions 3 and 4: Makeover & Freshen up

  • Sessions 3 & 4
  • Copywriting masterclass : How to write compelling holiday copy
  • Interior design makeover : Building the experience
  • Equip your property
  • Photography to sell an experience
  • Create winning listings : Choosing the right channels

Now the fun begins! Building on from module one, we will help you to write enticing marketing copy that sets you apart from the crowd. Create or edit your online listings to start generating some cashflow.

We will also guide you through the practical side of setting up your property ready to welcome your ideal client. We will share our best interior design tips, help you equip your villa, and get the right level of service in place to wow your first clients.

Finally, once your property is looking fabulous we will help you to organise professional photography to ensure your holidays shine online.

Sessions 5 and 6 : Strengthen Your Brand

  • Sessions 5 & 6
  • Features of a winning website
  • Plan your website step-by-step
  • Options for getting online
  • Practical resources

Now that you’re clear on your ideal client, your rental is set up just right, and you have photos and descriptions to knock their socks off, it’s time to work on building a strong online presence.

In this module we will look at the core features of a winning website, guide you step by step through planning out your own holiday rental website, then we will introduce the options available for getting a website for your own business, or indeed improving on an existing site.

Sessions 7 and 8: Nurture & Grow

  • Sessions 7 & 8 : Nurture & Grow
  • Social Media 101 : The importance of social engagement
  • Blogging for bookings
  • Email marketing & rich guest profiles : How to stimulate repeat bookings
  • Become the local expert : Field guides & experience content
  • Finalise your marketing plan

These final sessions are all about growing your online presence to reach an even bigger pool of ideal guests.

We will show you why Social Media can drain the life from your business and how to make it work effectively, you will learn why blogging can transform your website into a ‘control centre’ to grow your audience, then we will give you our our exact formula for establishing a marketing plan to make the best use of social media in the least time possible.

Bonus Session:

Mailchimp Masterclass

As you will soon discover, having a good quality mailing list will be the lifeblood of your Holiday Rental Business. So to get you started, we will also include a special free bonus session to give you all the training you need on the fantastic free email marketing service, Mailchimp.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a level of marketing or host knowledge before I start?

Absolutely not. Our goal is to take you from zero to a profitable and automated business in seven weekly or monthly sessions. You choose based on your schedule.

You won’t need any prior marketing or social media experience. Our 25 years experience in the travel, marketing and content industries come together to create a course that anyone who wants to be a successful owner can undertake with ease. Everything will slot into place.

Will I have to work outside of our sessions?

Yes you’ll be given homework to do after each session. This will get you practicing the knowledge you’ll be absorbing and using the tools we teach you. Be prepared!

Will I need to buy any tools or apps to complete the course?

You won’t need any tools of your own for the sessions. We run them via a video conference call, which is super easy to use and guarantees we have a quality conversation every time. We’ll also supply you with the exercise templates you’ll need to move forward with your marketing preparation.

Is this a standard course - one size fits all?

Each one-to-one coaching course is unique. Our sessions will be tailor-made for your holiday rental and situation. This is NOT a formatted course – one-size fits all. You’ll come away with your own bespoke marketing remedy. Plus we’ll work with you to choose the right website provider, booking system, concierge system, etc.

Can I pay in installments

You can pay in installments. The time of payments depends on whether you choose weekly or monthly sessions. There is always 50% deposit to be paid before the start of session one. Contact us for further information.