Spain is a Nation of Happy People!

#Spain is… One of the Best Places in Europe to Own a Holiday Home

Today’s post is my way of joining in a positivity campaign started by a group of Writers & Bloggers about Spain who want to collectively share good news and stories about the country that we all love so much, a place that has been a little down lately but is certainly not out!

I consider myself privileged to have been able to spend 16 years immersed in the Spanish Travel & Tourism industry, and so I wanted to share my own take on what #SpainIs… for me.

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  • Spain Is…a favourite Tourist destination which managed to grow its Tourist arrivals by 7.6% in 2010 -2011 (Source: WTO) despite economic woes all over Europe, and is on track for a bumper year in 2012 with an increase of 5.8% in arrivals this May compared to last year (Source: FoxNews)
  • Spain Is… a fantastic opportunity for people looking to invest in a property to offer for holiday rentals. The Real Estate market may still have some movement before bottoming out, but if you know the right places to look and have contacts with good agents then there are some amazing opportunities here to invest in property & make it pay.
  • Spain Is… a country where you can experience a whole continents worth of landscapes in a single day. Here in Andalucia you can visit the snow peaks of Granada, pass protected nature reserves of lakes and marshland as you journey on to Almeria and the only desert in Europe, before arriving at the beautiful Mediterranean coastline which is as varied as it is long.
  • Spain Is… a destination which can cater for every kind of tourism offering exciting opportunities for anyone with a desire to run special interest holidays. How about… Art classes in the white villages, photography holidays making use of the beautiful natural light & landscapes, skiing and adventure holidays in the mountains, yoga & well-being retreats in the calming hills, water-sports, scuba, kite-surfing and much more on the Atlantic coast in the South, nature and bird-watching in the many UNESCO protected biospheres, climbing and walking holidays in the hills, gastronomy breaks in the heart of Andalucia´s towns and villages or the vineyards of Spain´s interior… no matter where your interest lies there are thousands of visitors each year who appreciate good quality accommodation in one of the worlds top holiday destinations.
  • And finally, Spain Is…the country where I had my heart set on living for as long as I can remember, and I know that there are thousands out there who will recognise this too! Its the place that drives ex-pats to keep going when times are tough, a country that we can somehow love and loathe in the same hour but which always manages to put a smile on our face at the end of the day. So, while the photophaph I chose for this post may well be stereotypical, I can still remember the day it was taken; we were enjoying the August fair in Malaga in the middle of one of the worst economic crisis to hit the country and what we saw all around us was a city full of happy people who just wanted to party – these ladies wore their flamenco dresses as proudly as they wore the smiles on their faces, and that, for me is what #SpainIs… 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the post and we would love to hear your own thoughts, so please leave a comment below or catch up with us on Twitter or Facebook using the links above. Remember you can join in the fun on Twitter at #SpainIs…


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