Creative and innovative ideas for marketing a holiday rental property

Holiday home gardens can add value for guests

5 Ways to Make Your Garden Pay Its Way

Many holiday rental owners wonder about how they can reduce their interior running costs, but how many think about putting the garden to good use? I wanted to share a few ideas that are easy to implement in the garden that will not only add value to your rentals but can also save you money. To get more inspiration sign up for our e-Newsletter
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Professional HD villa video screen shot

How to grab your ideal guests attention in less than 10 seconds

When I decide to book a holiday, like most travellers I will spend a fair bit of time researching where I´d like to go and looking for a holiday that´s “just right”. During this research phase I am likely to spend several hours clicking in and out of different holiday property ads online, because in 85% of cases I probably wont look past the first thing I see on the page – if the property doesn’t grab my attention in the first 10 seconds then I will just move on to the next. Read more

Luxury Travel Accommodation

Move your Holiday Property into the Luxury League

Luxury might be an over-used word, what does it conjure up for you? Being met at the airport with a private car? Your own sea view and plunge pool? A chilled bottle of champagne waiting in the room? Conde Nast Traveller published a “10 best and worst hotel amenities/trends from the past 10 years” and dismissed chocolates on the pillow as “So 80s!” but cheered the onset of pillowtop beds, rain showers and celebrity-chef restaurants. Read more

Pet friendly holidays are a niche market

10 Reasons Why Niche Marketing Can Help Your Holiday Lettings

Whilst browsing around on Twitter with my morning coffee an interesting headline jumped out at me: “BlogPaws Pet Blogging and Social Media Marketing Conference Readies to Launch” Well, if ever there was a great example of niche marketing then this is it – this niche pet loving community is so big it has its own social media conference! Read more

Dull and Boring signpost

Holiday Property Marketing Ideas – Dull and Boring

It’s always good to be thinking of new ideas and ways of marketing your holiday property. I heard on the news that the towns of Dull in Perthshire and Boring in Oregon, USA are to hear if their request to be twinned is granted. This sparked an idea for me…… Read more

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Want to run a successful holiday rental business? Find a niche!

So the Rental Tonic website is up and running, and we are looking forward to sharing our passion for fabulous holidays and helping owners to run a successful holiday rental business. Read more